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M.S.A 360 - Multi Source Assessment Management assessment based on the SILVER ACE model for personal development of managers. The 8 main skills are being assessed from multi sources + interviews covering :Strong/weak points and Wishes. This unique assessment model was developed by the GENESIS team and was implemented in great success by number of corporations in Israel, Europe and USA .


MODEM – Master Of Decision Making A unique workshop developed specialy by Dr. Yehuda Hamovitz dealing with the person behind the decision. A highly interactice and self experimental workshops aimed for CxOs and senior managers wishing to improve their decision making skills. Read more»

Unique Developments

The SILVER ACE Model: A Model for Excellence. The SILVER ACE is a unique, holistic and comprehensive model that unites and organizes the various skills needed to excel. Using the model enables the analysis of individuals, groups and organizations....

Coaching for Success

GENESIS unique holistic model for coaching managers on the job, claiming the manager is the ultimate coach of his direct reports, therefore should be given the tools to do so.